Earth Day Disc Golf


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Salmon Released!

Wednesday the 19th of March at about 2:10 PM the elementary school met me at Molly Walsh Park to release our salmon into the wild!


We wondered whether they would swim upstream or downstream. After a 3-2-1 countdown, me and my helper Knikki each dumped a bucket of salmon fry. All of them swam upstream. The kids noticed a lot of trash in their salmon’s new home. We’ll have to get our boots on and clean it up!

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10th Annual Pat Moore Memorial Game Fish Derby

Hey Everyone! After talking with the Department of Fish and Game about king salmon regs, we’ve decided to hold our derby June 26 to 29th 2014. More information to come, but expect the usual $2,000 grand prize as well as special prizes for women, kids, people fishing from shore, and more!!

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Salmon to be Released!


Since October we’ve been raising chinook salmon eggs in Skagway Elementary School. About once a month, I get to hang out with each of the elementary classes at the end of the day to share with them things I’ve been learning about salmon, salmon habitat, aquatic insects, and human impacts. Next week we’ll release our fry into Pullen Creek where they’ll grow for a couple of years before heading out to the ocean to become adults. Time, date, and location to be determined, but I’ll let you know through our favorite media outlets: this website, our facebook page, and KHNS


The Skagway Bird Club received the above from Whitehorse photographer Vince Federoff. The ravens are happy up there, it must almost be spring!

Also, tomorrow there will be a legislative hearing on the Juneau Road to Nowhere, follow the above link to the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council website for more information and to sign a petition against funding the Juneau Road.

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Interested in the effects of the Fukushima Disaster on SE Alaska?

The failure of the Fukushima Daiichi Plant on March 11, 2011 caused by the Tohoku Earthquake-induced tsunami that devastated Japan released radiation into the atmosphere and ocean. A plume of radionuclides from Fukushima is estimated to arrive on the west coast  of North America this spring, and Ken Buesseler of the Center for Marine and Environmental Radiation (CMER) at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) plans to monitor seawater for the presence of the radionuclide cesium that is linked to the power plant.

His citizen science monitoring program relies on west coast communities fund-raise for the $600 shipping cost to send him a 5 gallon sample of local seawater. Buesseler and other scientists at CMER will analyze the samples and post results on the website

Currently, CMER are hoping to get samples from Ketchikan, Prince William Sound, Kodiak Island, and most recently, Skagway. The Skagway Marine Access Commission has already given the initial $100 to launch a fundraising website. You can find this website at If you have any questions about this project or monitoring for radiation in Skagway, please contact Shelby Surdyk at

Shelby will be screening the film Nuclear Nation at AB Hall on Saturday, February 22nd at 2pm. This documentary shows the effects of the Fukushima Disaster on the residents living in the surrounding region. Shelby will also talk about the monitoring efforts of CMER as well as other ways to monitor for radiation here in Skagway.

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Film Festival Thursday, December 12

This Thursday, TIWC is hosting the Wild and Scenic Film Festival at AB Hall starting at 6pm. The $10 admission fee for adults and $5 for kids under 12 will help to cover the cost of the films as well as future projects and programs of TIWC. Come out and see some fantastic environmental and outdoor films while helping to support your watershed council!

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Thanks for the Reminder

Each year we like to remind our visitors not to disrupt the salmon in Pullen Creek. This year we had an impressive return and many residents had experiences discouraging visitors from pretending they are bears and pulling salmon from our creek. Thanks for protecting our pinks!

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Pullen Creek StreamWalk Fully Funded!

The Municipality of Skagway received $1.8 million to build the Pullen Creek StreamWalk. $1.7 million of the funding comes from the Federal Highways Administration’s Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP), which was matched by the National Park Service to cover the balance. TIWC would like to thank John Hudson of US Fish and Wildlife Service for all his energy putting together the FLAP proposal for MOS, and also Heather Rice and Lisa Hozapfel from the Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance program for all of their help and connections. Paul Schrooten of the National Park Service was also incredibly helpful.

TIWC will continue to manage the project, estimated to be completed in the fall of 2015.

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SAWC Annual Retreat

TIWC is a member organization of the Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition (SAWC). September 3rd and 4th, representatives from all member organizations participated in a retreat to discuss the future direction of the coalition. Member organizations include:

The SAWC website (  has resources for all types of watershed management practitioners including information on trainings and workshops, funding opportunities, and community projects. Join SAWC and the Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership in Juneau on November 4th – 6th at the Southeast Alaska Watershed Symposium for sessions promoting informed aquatic resource management and effective fish habitat conservation activities.

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2013 Fish Derby Results

Thanks to everyone for a great fish derby this year! Thank you to our donors: Skagway Convention and Visitors Bureau, Petro Marine, Red Onion, White Pass, Fairway Market, Frontier Excursions, Skagway News, SMART, AP&T, Richter’s, Alaska Liquor Store, Reflections, The Elks, The Eagles, Skagway Fishing Charters, Fat Salmon Charters, Wings of Alaska, Shirley Mitchell, Kal Tire, Radio Shack, Chilkat Guides, Alaska Mountain Guides, The Rock Shop, Baked Café, The Mountain Shop, The Hardware Store, Skagway Brewing Company, The Station, and Corner Propane. A big thank you to Fairway Market for helping us out when our scale would not. Congratulations to all of our winners!

Largest King: Tim Fairbanks 31.75 pounds

2nd: Carl Hoover 26.69

3rd: Cheryl Olson 24.06

4th: Hailey Jensen 23.0

5th: Paul Brisley 22.0

6th: Ryan Edwards 20.06

7th: Noelle Brown 18.81

8th: Branden Carey 18.81

9th: Gregg Kollasch 18.44

10th: Jono Runious 18.12

Largest King Local: Tim Fairbanks 31.75

Largest King Yukon Resident: Cheryl Olson 24.06

Largest King Seasonal Worker: Sarah Baugh 17.06

Senior Award: Carl Hoover 26.69

Highest total pounds of King: Tim Fairbanks 31.75

Team Prize: Sad Fish 98.15

Smallest Legal King: Parker Olson 9.68

King or Pink caught from shore: No Winner

Largest Halibut: No Winner

First King Thursday: Kyle Fairbanks 17.9

First King Friday: Brian Fairbanks 16.81

First King Saturday: Jay McClendon 16.37

First King Sunday: Missy Tyson 17.94

Women’s Largest King: Cheryl Olson 24.06

Women’s Highest Total Pounds: Whitney Fairbanks 31.69

Largest King Youth: Hailey Jensen 23.0

First King Male Youth: Parker Olson 9.68

First King Female Youth: Hailey Jensen 23.0

Largest Dolly Varden Youth: Lucy Kollasch 4.19

Largest Pink Youth: Hailey Jensen 3.44

If you would like to help out with planning the 2014 Derby, or would like to donate to the prize pool or to operation costs, please give us a call! 983-2426

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