2015 Pat Moore Memorial Game Fish Derby




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StreamWalk Interpretive Plan

We are moving forward on our Pullen Creek StreamWalk Project! One major piece of this project is the Interpretive Plan. This is, after all, an interpretive trail.

Corvus Design continues to work with us for our construction design and now interpretive design needs. Chris Mertl and Laura Minski of Corvus will be in Skagway January 8th and 9th to begin the process of gathering content for our Interpretive Plan.

The interpretive plan will outline the content for each of the 23 signs, which includes signs designed specifically for children.

Join us to help tell the story of Skagway’s natural and cultural history by discussing with our designers your favorite facts about Skagway.

Where: Skagway Public Library

Date: Thursday, January 8th

Time: 6PM

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Wild and Scenic Film Festival a Success!

Thank you to all the Skagwegians who came out to enjoy the Wild and Scenic Film Festival. We had 28 attendees!! A big thank you to Glacial Naturals (https://glacialnaturals.com/) for donating the fee for use of AB Hall, and also to Annemarie of Glacial Naturals for helping with admission fees, set up, and break down. We hope to continue to bring this film festival to Skagway each December!

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Wild and Scenic Film Festival December 18

Come join us at AB Hall on December 18th at 7pm for 11 short films. Admission goes to support the projects of the Taiya Inlet Watershed Council.




A Life Well Lived – Jim Whittaker: Legendary Mountaineer Jim Whittaker talks risk, beauty, and adventure on the 50th anniversary of his historic summit of Everest (2013, 4 min).

I am Red: The Colorado River runs 1,450 miles across seven states and two countries supplying water for 36 million people. It flowed to the sea for six million years but has not kissed the ocean since the late 1990s (2013, 4 min).

Ryan’s Stories: Ryan Hudson grew up in poverty, living in and out of homeless shelters. His life changed forever when he was introduced to snowboarding through Outdoor Outreach, a non-profit organization dedicated to using outdoor activities to empower at risk youth (2013, 7 min).

A Brief History of the 5-Cent Bag Tax: When your city is overflowing with plastic bags, how will you react? In this humorous short, Jack Green, head of the Department of the Environment, is on a mission to rid the city of its plastic bag scourge (2013, 2 min).

Vultures of Tibet: In rapidly developing Western China a sacred ritual where the bodies of Tibetan dead are fed to wild vultures is a popular tourist attraction. This film reveals the current state of ideological issues in Tibet today – where nature, culture, humans, animals, spirituality, and politics are interconnected (2013, 19 min).

Into the Mind: Experience the majesty of Alaska, Bolivia, the Himalaya and beyond, and dive into the mind of a common skier attempting the ultimate mountain adventure (2013, 12 min).


My First Fish: A boy catches his first fish. After an epic battle, the boy has a chance to hold the fish. They make eye contact, and the memory is etched into the child’s brain forever (2013, 7 min).

Fighting for the Fataleufú: In the 1980s boaters successfully navigated the Futaleufú River in Chile, and eco-tourism flourished, bringing vibrant opportunities and jobs to the community. Local activists and boaters now fight to preserve this unique river and its community… a fight, too, for the future of Chilean Patagonia (2013, 16 min).

Water & Wood: More than a century of ‘cleaning’ dead wood out of rivers removed critical life support systems needed for salmon and many other river creatures… and it’s now time for some heavy lifting (2013, 4 min).

Sage Steppes: Expert long-distance hiker Sage Clegg treks 800 miles across the new Oregon Desert Trail, created to highlight that Oregon is also a desert state – home to great beauty and some of the best untouched wildlife habitat in the West (2013, 9  min).

SLOMO: Depressed and frustrated with his life, Dr. Kitchin abandons his career as a neurologist and moves to Pacific Beach. There, he undergoes a radical transformation into SLOMO, trading his lab coat for a pair of rollerblades and his IRA for a taste of divinity ( 2013, 16 min).


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Rain Garden Construction September 7th and 8th


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TIWC at the NPS Guide Series


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Battle Against Invasives


Invasive plants are non-native grasses, flowers, and trees that are able to outcompete native species for resources such as nutrients, sunlight, and water. Many invasive plants grow quickly and crowd out native plants. Join me and Ramsey from the Klondike National Historical Park at 9 AM at the airport on Saturday July 26th to pull out one of “Alaska’s Most (Un)Wanted Invaders” (University of Alaska Anchorage): White Sweetclover. For more information on this and other invasives in Alaska, visit http://aknhp.uaa.alaska.edu/botany/akepic/     For the past three years I’ve been working with Federal Agencies (National Park Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service) to slow the spread of reed canary grass around Pullen Creek. Ramsey Mauldin and I picked a sunny day to clip the seed heads off this invasive grass. While this help to stop spread the grass to uninfected areas, it does not kill the plant. For that, we will have to turn to more intensive efforts, which may include herbicide. reedcanary4reedcanary3


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Join us in our quest to build a rain garden in Skagway




Details to come…

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2014 Pat Moore Memorial Game Fish Derby Results

Thank you to everyone who helped make the 2014 Pat Moore Memorial Game Fish Derby a success! Thank you so much to the Haines Sportsman Association for allowing us to borrow their derby scale. Our sponsors include the Red Onion, Municipality of Skagway, Petro Marine, the Eagles, SMART Bus, AP&T, Reflections, Frontier Excursions, Packer Expeditions, White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad, Richter’s Jewelry and Curio, Alaska Liquor Store, Fairway Market, Skagway Fishing Charters, Fat Salmon Charters, Skagway Brewing Company, Wings of Alaska, Haines Brewing Company, Baked Cafe (Whitehorse), Kal Tire, Yukon Brewing Company, The Rock Shop, Radio Shack, Skagway Hardware Store, Nature Creations, and the Yukon Suspension Bridge. Also big thanks to all the volunteers ( Mark Larsen, Franklin Lopez, Tom Thompson, Anna Barton, Kellee Gahan, Holly Bracher, Brook Cinocco, Tabitha McGillivray, Brian Studiale, and Kaitlyn). Another big thank you to the Ladies Auxiliary for their continued support of our derby banquet with side salads!

Here are the results:

1st Cheryl Olson 27.30

2nd Whitney Fairbanks 26.10

3rd Tim Fairbanks 25.60

4th Trevor Harding 25.50

5th Austin Bricker 24.75

6th Anna Korsmo 22.95

7th Colten Jared 22.05

8th Danny Moore 21.90

9th Ryan Redington 21.90

10th Tom Dale 19.50

11th John Tronrun 18.10

12th Ryan Edwards 17.00

Local’s Prize Tim Fairbanks (largest king caught by a local)

Yukoner’s Prize Cheryl Olson

Summer Worker’s Prize Colten Jared

Senior’s Prize Carl Hoover

Highest Total Pounds of King Whitney Fairbanks 71.45

Team Prize Sad Fish 97.05

Smallest Legal King Rayme Eatough 8.95

Shore Prize Danny Moore 21.90

Largest Feeder Ryan Edwards 17.00

First King Thursday Whitney Fairbanks

First King Friday Ryan Mandeville

First King Saturday Mary Butler

First King Sunday Tim Fairbanks

Largest Pink Ryan Edwards 3.90

Largest King Women’s Cheryl Olson 27.30

Women’s Highest Total Pounds of King Whitney Fairbanks 71.45

Largest King Youth Austin Bricker 24.75

First King Brought in by a Girl No one

First King Brought in by a Boy Ryan Edwards

Largest Dolly Ryan Edwards 2.10

Youngest to Enter a Fish Nicholas Barba, Age 8.5



RyanEdwards_Skagway RyanMandeville_Skagway WhitneyFairbanks_Washington

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Forest Service Stream Habitat Training

April 21 – 22. The staff member of TIWC joined SAWC’s Brad Ryan and Angie Eldred in Sitka to learn about the Tier II survey used to evaluate streams for habitat features such as pools, riffles, and large woody debris. A healthy mix of these three elements provide salmon and other organisms with their habitat needs. TIWC and SAWC hope to pair up to use their new knowledge on streams throughout Southeast Alaska.

This training was organized by the Sitka Conservation Society and was run by Emil Tucker of the U.S. Forest Service.






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